Persons Crimes Unit

The Persons Crime Unit are responsible for investigating serious violent crimes such as homicides, suspicious deaths, abductions, sex crimes, violent assaults, domestic violence, and white collar crimes. In addition, the Persons Crime Unit investigates missing persons and runaways. The men and women in this Unit are experienced investigators who has received specialized training in a variety of disciplines including death investigations, interviews and interrogations, domestic violence, and sex crimes.

The Persons Crime Unit combats crime by conducting prompt and diligent investigations. Investigators maximize the use of all available technological resources and traditional investigative methods to solve crimes, track down and apprehend suspects and to locate missing persons and runaways. Once the case is assigned to an Investigator they are responsible for seeing the case through to completion. During this time the Investigator will work closely with and keep in contact with the victim. The unit is managed by Sergeant Jason Wilkerson.

Sergeant Wilkerson – Persons Crimes Supervisor
Investigator Jackson – Persons Crimes Investigator
Investigator Chandler – Persons Crimes Investigator
Investigator Smith – Persons Crimes Investigator
Investigator Chatham – Persons Crimes Investigator