Metal Recyclers Registration

Barrow County Sheriff’s Office
Secondary Metals Recyclers Registration

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 10-1-360, secondary metals recyclers who purchase regulated metal property in any quantity must register with the appropriate sheriff’s office(s) beginning July 1, 2012.


Annually, the Office of Sheriff is required to register secondary metals recyclers doing business in the county, keep a record of each registration, and cause the registration information to be entered into a statewide data base searchable by all law enforcement agencies.

Currently, the Criminal Investigations Division of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for administering the Secondary Metals Recycling registration program. The registration forms are available on the Sheriff’s Office website to print and complete prior to registering in person. The non-refundable registration fee is $100. The registration is valid for 12 months, and must be renewed annually.


Businesses (Corporation or Partnership)
The recycler registering as a business must register with the sheriff in the county where the place of operation is maintained. If the recycler maintains a place of operation in more than one county, he/she must register the business in each county.

Individual (Sole Proprietor)
An individual must register in the county where he/she resides.

Non-resident of Georgia
A recycler who is not a resident of Georgia must register in the county where he/she primarily engages or intends to operate as a secondary metals recycler.

• Completed registration application (prior to signatures)
• Driver’s license or state-issued identification
• For recyclers who are qualified aliens, secure and verifiable documentation must be attached to the application
• Copy of current state and local business licenses
• Cash, money order or check for the amount of $100.00 made out to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office. (Checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $30 service charge pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 16-9-20.)

For appointments or inquiries, please contact:

Major T. S. Hines
Barrow County Sheriff’s Office
Enforcement Bureau
233 East Broad St.
Winder, GA 30680
Office: 770-307-3080, ext. 4805