Civil/Transport Unit

The Civil/Transport Unit of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office falls under the Sheriff’s Services Division. Led by Sergeant Darrell Smith ( and Corporal Jamie Holloway (, the unit is responsible for the service of all civil judicial actions, to include Civil Summonses, Protective Orders, Subpoenas, Garnishments, Writs of Eviction, Writs of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa’s), and Arrest Warrants. The Civil/Transport Unit is a very visible unit within the Sheriff’s Office and provides support and assistance in patrol and traffic operations, funeral escorts, and sex offender verifications.

The Civil/Transport Unit also provides transportation of adult inmates throughout the County and State of Georgia to and from other correctional and pretrial facilities. The Civil/Transport Unit also supports the Juvenile Court by ensuring secure transportation of juveniles to and from Youth Detention Centers. The Civil/Transport Unit is also responsible for the secure transport of mental patients to State facilities.

If you wish to speak with someone in the Civil/Transport Unit, please call

(770) 307-3080 ext. 3084
(770) 307-3080 ext. 3121

Our FAX number is:
(770) 307-2948

Our mailing address is:

Barrow County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Civil/Transport Unit
652 Barrow Park Drive
Winder, GA.  30680