Court Security Unit

The Court Security Unit of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office falls under the Sheriff’s Services Division. Led by Sergeant Terry Thrasher ( and Corporal Robert Schueneman (, the Court Security Unit is responsible for the safety and security of the Courthouse building itself as well as all persons working or conducting legal business within the building and on the grounds.

The Barrow County Courthouse is home to the Superior Court, Magistrate Court, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, Drug Court, District Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Superior Court, and Public Defender. The City of Winder Municipal Court and Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearings are also held in the Barrow County Courthouse. Along with Court Security personnel, approximately 100 employees of Barrow County government work in the Barrow County Courthouse.

Court Security deputies screen everyone entering the building – approximately 85,000 visitors to the Courthouse in 2015, about 320 people each business day. Visitors entering the building will be required to place loose items in the x-ray machine and walk through our metal detector. For more information regarding our security screening procedures and a list of unauthorized items, please click on links below.

If you wish to speak with someone in the Court Security Unit, please call:

(770) 307-3080 ext. 3124


Our mailing address is:

Barrow County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Court Security Unit
652 Barrow Park Drive
Winder, GA.  30680