What to expect upon entering the Courthouse

Persons seeking to enter the Barrow County Courthouse give their consent to a limited search for weapons and contraband.  Everyone entering the Courthouse will pass through a metal detector which will alert on any items containing metal, such as jewelry and underwire brassieres.  For that reason, our Court Security deputies will require everyone to empty their pockets of all contents and remove their belts and shoes for screening in an x-ray machine. Items such as keys and cell phones should be removed from purses and bookbags before placing the x-ray machine.

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that no unauthorized weapons or other contraband enters our Courthouse. If necessary, our Court Security deputies may require additional searches with hand-held metal detectors or external pat-downs to ensure that the highest standards of security in our Courthouse are maintained.

Remember – you have the right to refuse to submit to any security procedure(s) you wish, however you will be denied entry into the Courthouse if you do not satisfy all security requirements.